Mujica and the Chicago Socialist Campaign: A Small Battle in a Larger War


By Bob Roman

The usual practice for lefties defeated in electoral politics is to claim victory, victory in the sense of having spread the word, victory in the sense of building an organization, victory in the sense of whatever plausible argument comes to hand. In the case of Jorge Mujica’s campaign for 25th Ward Alderman, we can safely assert it was a successful proof of concept: The “socialist” label, in some neighborhoods, is not a handicap even if it is not an asset. Begging your pardon but I’ve been saying as much for years. Through our participation, Chicago Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) did earn a reputation as an organization that delivers on its commitments. But the campaign intended to establish a socialist presence in Chicago government and that requires victory. Continue reading


Palestinian Socialist-Led Joint List Wins 3rd Place in Israeli Elections

“Right-wing rule is in danger. Arab voters are streaming in huge quantities to the polling stations,” Mr. Netanyahu said in the video. “The left-wing nonprofit organizations are bringing them in buses.”

By frantically shouting ‘the Arabs are coming, the Arabs are coming!!!!1!’ Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi) drastically boosted his last-minute turnout in the latest Israeli elections, transforming what had been a close race into a comfortable win for his Likud Party.

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Left Candidate Defeated in Chicago’s 25th Ward Alderman Race

Candidate # of Votes % of Total
Danny Solis 3,811 51.1
Byron Sigcho 1,383 18.5
Jorge Mujica 907 12.2
Roberto “Beto” Montano 748 10.0
Ed Hershey 614 8.2


Splitting the left anti-Rahm vote three ways was clearly a mistake. Hopefully the lessons of this campaign will be discussed at what looks to be a promising left electoral conference in May.

Some background (care of In These Times):
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Socialists Won 300,907 Votes in 2014

Candidate Group Votes % of Votes
Owen Hill International Socialist Organization* 3,725 27.0
Jess Spear Socialist Alternative 8,143 17.1
Adam Adrianson Socialist Party USA* 33,920 1
Eugene Puryear Party for Socialism and Liberation* 11,504 3.5
Angela Walker Solidarity 67,346 21
Howie Hawkins Socialist Party USA* 176,269 4.7
TOTAL   300,907
*Green Party candidate/ballot line.